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D'Ana Lombard, complete with a convincing German accent, is a remarkably strong Eva Crowley.

- The Seattle Times

The Countess Rosina Almaviva not only wore the most elegant gowns in the show, but also sang two on the most gorgeous arias imaginable: "Porgi, amor, qualche ristoro" from act II and "Dove sono i bei momenti" from act III. Both were sung, with heart-breaking passion by D'Ana Lombard.

- Classical Voice North Carolina

As Countess Almaviva, soprano D'Ana Lombard brought a patrician elegance to her musical attempts to reignite the Count's passion.

- The News & Observer

D'Ana Lombard's Mimi was hauntingly expressive, her fluid soprano sending arias and duets forth poignantly. 

- The Washington Post

D'Ana Lombard - last night's Mimi was excellent; this is Ms. Lombard's second year as a Filene Young Artist; she played Rosina in last year's Ghosts of Versailles; I always feel a little tension at an opera until I hear the lead soprano sing; if she is good, I relax and enjoy it. Ms. Lombard is very, very good. Her singing was expressive and her voice has a beautiful tone.

- Opera Gene

Something that made me sit up and marvel was D'Ana Lombard's performance as, and I am not kidding you here, Water. It was so unexpected. She appears out of a small door in the latter part of the second act, in a silver mylar flowing wig, and she is kind of a revelation. Of course, Portman wrote for this role a brilliant and brief aria. Lombard made the most out of it, however, recalling Debussy's Melisande, or perhaps a fourth, more reticent and benevolent Rhinemaiden. I am going to watch out for her in upcoming productions.

- Culture Map Houston

But the real star is buried in this production in ensembles until, in the final minutes, somebody was smart enough to give her the saving part of Water. Soprano D'Ana Lombard has a naturally rich voice - it never sounds like she's working to project - that soars majestically from a window above the Little Prince and the Pilot just when they've almost given up hope. But, as her many ensemble pieves proved, she knows her voice well and can control it quickly to blend. It's a skill not every soprano is willing to utilize. 

- Bach Track

An American Dream
The Marriage of Figaro
La Boheme
The Little Prince

Interviews and Media

Interview (Part) with Chicago Tribune

Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra closes season with 'Evening Glow: The Magic of Richard Strauss'


D’Ana Lombard is the guest soprano for Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra’s season-closing concert “Evening Glow: The Magic of Richard Strauss” on May 18 at Trinity Christian College’s Ozinga Chapel in Palos Heights. (Eric Melear)

Three pieces by German composer Richard Strauss and a world premiere by American composer Ben Ash close Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2018-19 season.

“Evening Glow: The Magic of Richard Strauss” on May 18 at Trinity Christian College’s Ozinga Chapel in Palos Heights features guest soprano D’Ana Lombard, whose opera career has included appearing as Mimi in “La boheme” for Wolf Trap Opera in Virginia.

“With full opera there’s the set, the costumes and sometimes you’re extremely far away. Most of the time you can’t even see the orchestra because it’s in the pit and you barely see the conductor,” said Lombard via phone from her home in San Jose, California.

“Keeping that connection with the orchestra during an opera is an art in itself,” she said. Getting to sing with the musicians around you, she added, makes a performer feel like they are part of the orchestra.

“You can really feel the swing of the music and you can feel the energy of the people much differently than if you were on stage with all the other distractions of the set and lights and the costumes, which is wonderful in its own way but just very different.”

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